Stetson Cowboy Hats

For around 147 years cowboys have understood the quality of a Stetson cowboy hat. You can find all sorts of companies that make cowboy hats but in my opinion you won’t find a better made cowboy hat than a Stetson.

Legend has it that the very first Stetson western hat was purchased by a cowboy for $5.00. He took it right off of John B. Stetson’s head, tried it on and bought it on the spot. That was the beginning of a long standing connection with the cowboy and a hat making company. I’ll tell you more of the story further down in this article.

But first let’s look at the different styles available in Stetson cowboy hats. As an old advertising slogan says, “You’ll look your best in a Stetson.”

diamond jim Stetson Cowboy Hats

Diamond Jim

This hat features a tear drop pinch front, a leather hat band with metal conchos, leath… [More]

Price: 232.00

Straw Cowboy Hats

Straw cowboy hats are for the summer and not really meant to be worn in the colder months. It is sort of like wearing white after Labor Day, ya can do it but it just ain’t cool. Straw hats really shouldn’t get wet so don’t go wearin’ ‘em in the rain.

open road straw Stetson Cowboy Hats

Open Road Straw

The Open Road hat is a Shantung Straw regular oval shaped hat that features a cattleman… [More]

Price: 69.00

A Little History Of The Stetson Hat Company

John B Stetson was the son of a hat maker. In 1865 he traveled from New Jersey out west due to some health issues. While on a hunting trip, he made a hat more as a joke than anything. He wanted to prove to his companions that a hat could be made from fur without going through the tanning process. As it turns out, Stetson rather liked his creation and wore it on the rest of the trip. He liked the way it protected him from the elements.

The hat was very large as hats go. It had a wide brim and a high crown. The higher crown created a pocket of air that further cooled and protected the head. It was also great for carrying water in.

That cowboy I mentioned in the first paragraph saw it on Stetson’s head and liked it so much he bought it right then and there. The cowboy rode off wearing what would become the very first cowboy hat made by John B. Stetson.

boss of the plains 150x150 Stetson Cowboy HatsThe hat, after Stetson returned to Philadelphia and started his own hat business, became known as the “Boss of the Plains”. Picture is shown here. You can read the entire story in this book: Boss of the Plains

Early Wearers Of Stetson Western Hats
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Calamity Jane
  • Will Rogers
  • Annie Oakley

Some say George Armstrong Custer wore a Stetson into the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Black Stetson Hats

I’d say these black cowboy hats by Stetson are good for Sunday Goin’ Ta Meetin’ or Saturday Night dancin’. Ya know when a guy needs to be dressed up just a little. Black wouldn’t work out on the ranch…too much dust. But a guy needs a good dress hat, don’t ya know. See a sample of the Apache By Stetson

Ten Gallon Cowboy Hat

Ten gallons is not the capacity of liquid that can be held in a 10 gallon Cowboy hat. The Spanish word for braid is galon (looks like gallon) and the 10 referred to the number of braids used in the hat band.

John Stetson Understood Marketing

Not only did John Stetson understand how to make a quality hat, he understood marketing too. He is reported to have sent a sample of his “Boss of the Plains” hat to merchants in the Southwest region of the US with a letter requesting that an order of no less than 12 hats be placed. The hats caught on quickly.

By 1886 Stetson was the largest hat company in the world. By 1906 it was producing around 2 million hats per year.

Even the movie cowboys adopted the Stetson cowboy hats to wear in their movies.

Shades Of Brown Cowboy Hats By Stetson

These brown hats work for every day workin’, ropin’, and ridin’. Just smack on the leg of your jeans when the dust gets on ‘em. I love the Stetson “Roxbury” Shapeable Leather Western Hat in brown!

 Stetson Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Art For 2014

If you love beautifully detailed art showing horses, cowboys and ranchers then you will love the 2014 edition of this calendar published by the Legacy Publishing Group featuring the gorgeous artwork of Victoria Wilson-Schultz. You would be hard pressed to find another calendar that is as incredible as this one!

201400005280 Cowboy Art For 2014
Home on the Range 2014 Wall Calendar

Although it is billed as a standard wall calendar it is anything but standard. Well the dimensions of 13.25 inches wide by 24 inches long when it is opened and hanging on your wall is pretty standard. The monthly grids have been hand painted by the artist which makes it unique and a pleasure to work with all year. The grids are the medium square format which will give you about 2 inches to make your notes on. It comes in a nice envelope to protect it and to save the images in when you are finished with it. As a bonus you get a 24 month page at the back that has room for making notes for the coming years.

201400005280 2 Cowboy Art For 2014
Example of inside page

Shipping is expected to begin on this wall calendar around June 14, 2013.

Gorgeous Cowboy Boots 2014

The 2014 edition of the popular wall calendar featuring cowboy boots. We all feel differently about our boots. We don’t necessarily have to be a cowboy to have a pair or two. Real cowboys might wear their favorite pair until they are completely worn out and even then they might have a hard time giving them up for a new pair. The boots in this calendar are not your everyday pairs, though. They are some of the fanciest boots you might have ever seen.

201400003773 Gorgeous Cowboy Boots 2014
Cowboy Boots 2014 Wall Calendar

Published by BrownTrout Publishing this calendar is a standard wall that covers 12 months of full monthly grids plus a bonus page of 6 months. The monthly grids will be from January 2014 through December 2014. The grids are what are called medium grids which means that they will measure from 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches. Now, that is a nice size for making any notes you need to make, don’t ya think? The binding is the center stapled that is pretty standard with wall calendars.

Shipment of this year’s calendar is expected to begin around June 14, 2013.

Cowboy Engagement Calendar 2014

New for 2014 this engagement calendar features the cowboy at work and play in the American West. These rugged wranglers have a way of life that we all admire and sometimes want to be a part of. Beautiful cowboy pictures to enjoy each month of the year.

201400005833 Cowboy Engagement Calendar 2014
Cowboy 2014 Wall Calendar

This calendar is bound in the wire-o format and is published by Smith-Southwestern. The grids are in the small square format which means that they will measure between 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches in size. Plenty of room make those notations of important appointments, birthdays and anniversaries for each month.

This cowboy wall calendar measures 11.175 inches wide and 8.75 inches wide when closed. When hanging on your wall it will be 17.5 inches long. It is available now for purchase.

201400005833 1 Cowboy Engagement Calendar 2014
Back Cover Of Cowboy Calendar

201400005833 2 Cowboy Engagement Calendar 2014
Inside page

2014 Western Horse Datebook

2014 Western Horse Datebook (The Stoecklein Collection)

51yZ9kjzfoL. SL160  2014 Western Horse Datebook Rating: 466stars 2014 Western Horse Datebook
List Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $13.85
(as of 04/16/2014 20:52 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

moreinfo legacy 2014 Western Horse Datebook addtocart legacy 2014 Western Horse Datebook

Product Description

The Western Horse 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar: The Western Horse Softcover Engagement Calendar: This calendar features photos that pay tribute to the horses that settled the West, including Appaloosas, Paints, Mustangs, and more. UPC: 680397029503 EAN: 9780922029501


  • Brand New!

Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar

Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar

61vLIcUGu L. SL160  Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar Rating: 5stars Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar
List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $2.00
(as of 04/17/2014 06:25 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

moreinfo legacy Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar addtocart legacy Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar

Product Description

The Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar is a great addition to any home or office, for writing down those important dates. The Cowboys 2014 Wall Calendar makes a great gift.


No features available.

2014 Cowboy Datebook

2014 Cowboy Datebook

51KzPz1JXAL. SL160  2014 Cowboy Datebook Rating: 5stars 2014 Cowboy Datebook
List Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $8.97
(as of 04/17/2014 04:00 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

moreinfo legacy 2014 Cowboy Datebook addtocart legacy 2014 Cowboy Datebook

Product Description

Cowboy Classic 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar: Cowboy Classic Softcover Engagement Calendar: This calendar features more than 20 photos that pay tribute to the saddles, spurs, boots, hats, and attitude of the western cowboy. UPC: 680397029480 EAN: 9780922029488


  • Brand New!

Professional Bull Riders Calendar 2014

Rodeo Cowboys In A Calendar

Hold on tight and make that ride count! If your ride turns out to be a rough one in 2014, at least you will stay organized and entertained with a dozen outstanding photographs of professional bull riders in action.

In the year 2012 the PBR or Professional Bull Riders celebrated 20 years! Back in 1992 a group of about 20 bull riders decided to form a group all their own to promote the sport of Bull Riding. It is one of the most favored events at any rodeo because we all want to see that cowboy hang on to the back of the 1 ton bull with one hand for 8 seconds! These rodeo cowboys are some tough fellas competing in one of the roughest sports on dirt.

201400003448 Professional Bull Riders Calendar 2014
Professional Bull Riders 2014 Wall Calendar

Calendar Features

  • Calendar Format is the Standard Wall
  • Calendar size when closed is 12 inches long  by  12 inches wide
  • Size of calendar when opened is 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide
  • Binding of calendar is center stapled
  • Time span covers 12 months +6
  • Published by BrownTrout Publishers

The calendar of bull riders also features roomy grids for marking appointments, special occasions, and upcoming events (like the next rodeo!).

Shipment for this PBR Professional bull riders calendar will begin around September 13, 2013. You can place your order early if you like.

A Little History Of The Rodeo

Back in the 1700s the Spanish Vaqueros were the men who worked the ranches and it was the way the approached their chores that influenced the American Cowboy later in the 1800s when cattle barons began to hire men to work their ranches. Often after a long cattle drive cowboys would have a little friendly competition seeing how good others were at tie-down roping, team roping, bronc riding, and bull riding. It was the beginning of what we now know as the Rodeo.

Some couple of famous professional bull riders include:

  • Don Gay 8 time world champion
  • Ty Murray 7 time all round champion

This Professional Bull Riders calendar is perfect for the fan of rodeo and especially of bull riding events in the rodeo. It makes a nice gift for anyone on your gift list. Of course you can also get it for yourself!

Rustic Places

Retreats And Lodges

Not all of us get to live the Cowboy life but we can sometimes get a taste of a little rustic and rugged living by going to a retreat or lodge that can give us some time with what we most have in common with the cowboys, a love of nature and the freer spirit of living. We leave our comfortable amenities and spend a little time living a little more difficult lifestyle with rustic features and ways of doing things.

This delightful calendar features tin signs from the artwork of the talented artists of Wild Wings and lets us enjoy the span of the year when we can only dream of going to rustic places.

201300002466 Rustic Places
Rustic Retreat 2013 Wall Calendar


  • Calendar format is the Standard Wall
  • Calendar size when closed is 12 inches long by 12 inches wide
  • Calendar size when opened is 24 inches long by 12 inches wide
  • Grid Size equals Medium Square
  • Binding is center stapled
  • Time span of calendar is 12 months
  • Published by TF Publishing

Standard wall calendars are the most popular with people across the globe. Displaying each month of the year in easy to read and use grids, they can be hung on any wall of your choosing.

201300002466 2 Rustic Places
Inside page example of the Rustic Retreat Calendar

The calendar is in stock and ready to ship to the location of your choice. It can hang on one of your walls or you can give it as a gift to someone who really appreciates the rustic outdoors.

201300003937 Rustic Places Rustic Lodge 2013 Wall Calendar
Another option for a wall calendar with the rustic feel and appreciation of the outdoors is this one featuring the incredible work of artist Jane Maday. It is printed on linen embossed high quality paper and offers a 2 year bonus section in the back for future organization of your life. Published by Legacy Publishing Group this wall calendar will be appreciated by those who love the rustic nature of camping and lodges.

American Wilderness Calendar 2014

Wild Lands Of America

The cowboy both in present day and in the decades of the past encounter the wilderness quite often, I would think. Well, it does depend on where the cowboy lives and works. Many of the long time ranches that a pioneer started at least skirted an untamed wilderness. They needed the timber to build the lodging and fences, if they had them. Stunning photographs of wild places that remain in the United States fill this 2014 calendar with some pretty awesome scenery to enjoy for the year. A variety of photographers have contributed with scenes of wildlife refuges, western heritage lands, and national parks and forests. Also included are inspirational quotes and important dates in the history of American wild lands. [Read more...]

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